C. Paul Morrey, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Information Systems and Technology Department, Utah Valley University 



Undergraduate research is a great way to show that you have the critical thinking skills and project management experience that will make you an outstanding candidate for graduate school or your next job. You might have your own idea that you want to explore or you might be interested in one of the areas listed below. There are projects and activities for students with different levels of committment, experience, and interest. Dr. Morrey is interested in working with students who will work through the challenges of a project and complete it. Weekly meetings to review and direct research will be required. If you are up to the challenge and looking for a faculty mentor then please contact him to get started on a project that improves the world while teaching you to perform research.

Funding for students to perform research projects is possible through opportunities listed on the website of the UVU Office of Undergraduate Research (see http://www.uvu.edu/undergrad-research/ ). Many opportunities also exist to perform research without funding (i.e. honors program projects, capstone projects).

Ideas for Undergraduate Research Projects

Healthcare Informatics
  • Depolyment and use of OpenEMR (see open-emr.org )
  • Quality Assurance of biomedical terminologies

  • Information Technology
  • Curriculum Development: Development of new networking lab exercises
  • A study of the best ways to help potential students differentiate between Information Technology, Information Systems, and Computer Science

  • Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity issues specific to healthcare
  • Review and assessment of secure coding tools and practices
  • Cybersecurity risk analysis for small enterprises